• Rachel Brathen Yoga: Find Your Purpose

    Stand your ground and focus your mind. This collection of grounding, yet heart-opening practices will leave you feeling empowered, centered and inspired. (100 minutes)

    The Everything Is Ok-Flow
    A soft, nurturing sequence that will calm the mind, deepen the breath and stretch the body in a safe and gentle way. (20 minutes)

    Rise & Shine!
    This lighthearted practice is designed to wake the body up and create just enough heat to get ready for the day. (20 minutes)

    Sun Saluters Unite!
    It’s time to move! Rachel leads you through sun salutations and enough vinyasas to really break a sweat. (20 minutes)

    Find Your Purpose
    This solid flow practice will ground you, expand the heart and get your blood pumping. (20 minutes)

    Time to Relax
    Rachel leads you through the perfect sequence to wind down after a long day. (20 minutes)

  • Rachel Brathen Yoga: Release & Let Go!

    It’s time to listen to the body. This collection of practices is about discovering areas holding tension and tightness. Leave your mat feeling lighter and more at peace. (100 minutes)

    The Shoulder Unfolder
    This gentle practice targets the areas of the shoulders, neck and the upper back, helping you create space in these areas where we tend to hold a lot of stress. (20 minutes)

    Intuitive Body Awareness Flow
    Move freely in this practice that’s designed to create space for intuitive body movements. (20 minutes)

    Twist & Shout
    Time to sweat! This strong, powerful flow will leave you refreshed and detoxified. (20 minutes)

    Connecting to Your Center
    Our confidence and sense of personal power lies in our core – let’s connect to it! (20 minutes)

    Release & Let Go!
    This calming, cooling session is aimed to help release tension and let go. The practice focuses on the hips and quads, and ends with Rachel’s favorite pose – a beautiful moment with our legs up the wall. (20 minutes)

  • Rachel Brathen Yoga: Ultimate Collection

    Get more yoga and save 20%! Purchase both Rachel Brathen Yoga Collections for the discounted price of $40. Plus, get the bonus Yoga Girl Meditation, a 10-minute guided meditation that will center yourself and lift your spirits. (200 minutes)

In partnership with Gaiam, international yoga instructor, motivational speaker and author Rachel Brathen introduces two yoga collections now available for download -- Find Your Purpose and Release & Let Go!

A native of Sweden, Brathen, 26, has gained international renown since trading in Stockholm city life for Sun Salutations in Central America. Since teaching full-time in Aruba, Rachel has attracted a legion of fans around the globe through her insightful blog, breathtaking Instagram account, and hugely popular yoga workshops.

The Rachel Brathen Yoga Collections are the first practices released by the young yogi. Each collection features five, 20-minute Vinyasa flow practices and are designed to help you build strength and flexibility, unwind the body, and gain confidence in your yoga practice.
"My practice is all about self-love. I want people to come to their mat to be happy and to laugh."

Yoga Girl's Yoga Style

Rachel introduces you to her own style of yoga, and how she approaches the centuries-old practice.

"The spiritual aspect of yoga is easier to access when you are just having fun."

Behind the Scenes

Get a behind the scenes look at Rachel Brathen’s new Gaiam yoga programs.

"Find your happy today. And then do the same tomorrow."